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Runtime: 31 Minutes. Troy is a BIG BEEFY, UNCUT 24 year old auto mechanic and part-time tour guide at his uncle's body shop in Honolulu. Standing a towering 6'3" and 215lbs of All-American college jock Troy likes to work on big American muscle trucks and cars. His ripped smooth football player body, beefy white muscle butt and MAN SIZED uncut cock are all on display in his first EXCLUSIVE film for Island Studs! Island Studs' exclusive SPORTS ACTION CAM records every moment of uncut Troy busting a big creamy nut UNDERWATER for the very first time! ALL caught on film! As Troy strips out of his basket ball shorts, he immediately starts to rub and fondle his cock THROUGH his tight underwear! Watch Troy pull out his BIG FAT throbbing UNCUT COCK and begin stroking it as his BIG HEAVY BALLS hang out of his sexy red undies. Our cameras LOVE this solid, well build, horny exhibitionist and his ripped bulging muscles and delicious thick footballer bubble butt! Foreskin lovers will appreciate muscle mechanic Troy enjoying playing with his ample, All American foreskin throughout this intimate photo shoot! He just LOVES tugging on his uncut dick, pulling the skin over his thick mushroom dick head! Watch this sexy football jock pick up a set of dumbbells and begin PUMPING IRON with a FULL ERECTION outdoors in the sun! Troy's beautiful uncut dick is ROCK HARD as he flexes and poses in the green garden! Attention Piss Lovers: Troy takes x2 LONG golden showers in the garden while he works outside! Big bick Troy is just full of pee in this film! Looking like a blue collar Hollywood porno star, Troy gets to work trimming trees fully nude! Wow! What a sight! We get to see Troy's muscle body and bubble butt from EVERY imaginable angle as he works beside the swimming pool bending over and sweeping up! Feast your eyes on Troy's beautiful muscle body as he falls asleep and floats around the pool on a raft! Our nudist house boy rolls over and starts to jerk his big UNCUT meat while still sitting on the floating air mattress! Still jerking his beautiful cock, horny Troy dives into the pool and beats off UNDERWATER! Don't miss Island Studs' exclusive SPORTS ACTION CAM as our special under water camera records all of Troy's JO action from UNDERWATER. As the camera glides between Troy's powerful thighs underwater, this sexy athlete spreads this legs WIDE and begins to rub his pink man HOLE! This scene of Troy poking his own butt hole UNDERWATER while he jerks off is NOT TO BE MISSED! Watch Troy bust a BIG NUT UNDERWATER! All caught on cam! Listen closely and you can even hear him moan from underwater as he releases his thick cum in the pool! Strong cloudy strands of boy juice come floating out of his dick slit as IF in slow motion - into the warm water! This is Island Studs first ever UNDER WATER CUM SHOT! The camera surfaces from under the pool water to capture Troy's relief from a long JO Session. With a big boy smile on his face, this sexy 6'3" college jock waves goodbye to the camera still holding on to his cum covered cock. Thanks Troy, for blowing a big load into our swimming pool in Hawaii! Enjoy!

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