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Runtime: 31 Minutes. Furry Surfer Gibson is back, the popular super hairy 29 year old Yoga Instructor and Personal Trainer shows off his new ripped 8-pack of Abs and awesome body as he strips down and poses with his long board, juggles Hawaiian Passion Fruit, instructs us in a full HOT NUDE YOGA session and jerks off pool side in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs. This horny water man is hairy EVERYWHERE: Hairy Chest, Legs, Armpits, Crotch and super furry Ass, both outside and deep inside his man crack! Feast your eyes on every inch of tan Gibson's totally hairy naked body and thick cock from UNDERWATER as he skinny dips in the swimming pool- all caught on video with Island Studs' unique UNDERWATER SPORTS ACTION CAM! Watch Gibson, 5'10", 165 lbs, pull off his board shorts outside holding his GIANT 10' 6" colorful Long Board. This friendly muscle jock tells us so many personal details and stories about his life on the Islands and recent travels to Japan. He really enjoys showing off his beautiful tan skin, totally covered in layers of Sexy Hairy Man Fur! Check out his round, white, muscle butt completely covered in a full bush of dark hair! Gibson is one of the Hairiest Island Studs ever! It is very hot to watch this jock walk around the gardens and pool area in the Hot Hawaiian Sun with his big fat HARD dick curving straight up to his hairy belly button. When I leave him alone for a moment, he begins to bend over and stretch out his calf muscles. As he bends over and stretches low, his hairy butt cheeks open WIDE to expose his dark hairy man hole! Horny Gibson can not take his hands off his thick cock! "I started a Hot Naked Yoga class that we do once a week at a beach," he states with a big smile, as he starts to instruct us in a real nude yoga work out session- all caught on camera here! It is breathtaking to watch this real personal trainer perform hand stands and even walk on this hands in the grassy lawn. Watch as this sexy Furry Surfer turns his hairy butt to the camera and bends over WIDE a second time, revealing his pink, hair covered butt hole. Wow, what an awesome sight! There is something so sexy about watching a ripped muscle stud bending over working out naked in a lush green setting. Always looking for fun, Gibson finds some Hawaiian Passion fruit in the garden and spontaneously begins to juggle them! He is full of laughter and smiles as he juggles naked in the tropical garden! After his naked juggling and hot naked yoga session, Gibson confesses that he is very horny and wants for jerk off - OUTSIDE! "It's been a few days since I busted a nut," he says. Watch how quickly this HORNY beautiful Surf God gets his dick hard! Gibson enjoys his whole body while he jerks off, playing with his cock and balls at the same time. He often gazes right into the camera, excited that everyone is watching. Like in his previous videos for Island Studs, Gibson loves to show off his thick hard cock and rock hard abs! What a fine dick and untrimmed dick hair! Listen to Gibson count his individual abdominal muscles as he pokes each muscle with his sticky fingers as his hard cock throbs in this other hand! "I have 8 Abs," he says with glee! Gibson shoots his cum HIGH into the AIR! Watch and listen closely when he cums. Gibson moves his head back to avoid getting shot in the FACE with HIS OWN CUM! Gibson completely coats his rock hard abs, chest and furry crotch with creamy white man goo! He seems very proud of his cum shot and we can see why! "It is time to shower off," he says with a big friendly smile. Gibson's steamy shower scene is not to be missed. Watching his super furry man soap up this entire body with white suds is so HOT! He even turns his hairy butt to the camera, bends over AGAIN and shoves his soapy hard cock between his legs as he cleans his feet. Gibson - we LOVE your playfulness and sexy openness! We are pleased Furry Surfer Gibson is back working out his amazing hairy muscle body and playing with his thick Hairy Horny dick! Enjoy!

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