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Runtime: 26 Minutes. Handsome, Muscle Stud and former US Marine, Gary, gives us a very, revealing, film documenting him, fully naked, shaving, working naked and pumping iron outdoors and jerk off his BIG, IRISH, GERMAN COCK! We get to see Gary shoot a HUGE LOAD of cum from 3, different, amazing, camera angles in this Exclusive Video from Island Studs! Gary possesses the winning smile, real Marine personality and body that makes both men and women melt at his job as a personal trainer in a popular Honolulu gym. We get to watch this 27 year old shaving in front of a the large, bathroom mirror, totally naked! Check out his low hanging, nuts sack dangle between his thick, athletic thighs and muscle butt as he shaves! Listen to him talk about his tour of duty in Afghanistan! How often do you get to watch a US Marine standing 5' 10" and weighing a solid 180 lbs with a great body, soap up and shave his face, fully nude at the bathroom sink!?! In the garden, Gary picks up a set of weights and begins a full work out routine for us, FULLY NAKED with a BIG BONER! Look at the huge, mushroom head on his throbbing cock, as he pumps iron outdoors in the lush, tropical jungle. The muscles on his thick arms and strong, upper body, bulge as he lifts the weights and sweats. His body is quickly covered in sweat from the heat! “When did you learn you had a BIG DICK”, I ask. "A year to two after high school", he states with a big Military smile, "I use to be innocent". Marine Gary enjoys being watched as he poses and flexes his ripped muscles and strokes his ROCK HARD cock for the camera.  In our Nudist Worker Series, I put horny Gary to work, cleaning the swimming pool. There are amazing closeups of Gary's dangling dick and athletic, bubble butt as he works naked in the Hot, Hawaiian Sun! His sweet, muscle butt and ripped abs are reflected in the pool water. Piss Lovers Alert! Gary not only pees here, but the way he delivers his golden shower is unique! The WIDE SLIT in his BIG, MUSHROOM dick head creates the WIDEST STREAM of piss we have ever seen! AND this is a real, LONG, horse piss on a real, hung, Muscle Stud! After his nudist work and garden pee, Gary sits down in a chair for a long JO session. Looks at his amazing, thick cock and big, ball sack as he strokes his RED, HOT, MARINE COCK! "I actually cum more if I stand up," Gary states. So Gary stands up to complete his JO work out! The camera loves this sexy, Island Stud, as he stands in the garden, jerking his beautiful cock. He spits on his dick several times as he jerks! This is so HOT! Listen to Gary moan and groan as he delivers an AMAZING geyser of cum, while standing! Look at the shocking fountain of white milk which pumps out of this big Dick Head. Cum lands all over the grassy lawn between his feet! Even Gary laughs at the volume of jizz that squirts out of his throbber! Watch as his hard cock drips cum, as the camera roams around his thick thighs and big, ball sack! Look at all the sticky goo this Marines hands! Gary walk back into the bathroom and takes a hot soapy shower. Check out the two mosquito bites on his fine, white ass! He was so busy enjoying his Cock he did NOT even know he was getting bit!  This ALL REAL, ALL UNEDITED, hot JO action, only found on Island Studs! Feast your eyes on his perfect body as he cleans himself in the steaming water! There is something so sexy about watching a real, US Marine soap up his big pecs and muscle ass in a shower!  Gary is our latest recruit to the growing stable of real military men shot here in Hawaii. Enjoy this very intimate video of this hung, sweet, real, personal trainer and his amazing, Military cock!

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