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Runtime: 32 Minutes. Hairy Harvey, a super sexy, 25 year old, semi pro Southern California skater with a Massive 9" Cock and a Shaved Head, skates fully nude, works outdoors, pees 5 times, swims underwater and enjoys showing off his huge cumshot and awesome furry chest and muscle butt in this EXCLUSIVE video from Island Studs, shot only in Hawaii. Hairy Harvey is a total PEE MACHINE! He turns to the camera to take 5 full LONG horse pisses in this outrageous new film from Island Studs. All unrehearsed and unedited! This horny skater has hairy EVERYWHERE: Hairy Chest, Legs, Armpits, Crotch and super furry Ass, both outside and deep inside his man crack! Feast your eyes on every inch of Hairy Harvey's totally hairy naked body and thick cock from UNDERWATER as he skinny dips in the swimming pool- all caught on video with Island Studs' Exclusive UNDERWATER SPORTS ACTION CAM! Watch Skater Harvey, 5'9", 160 lbs, unzip his blue jeans at the start of this film and grabs his GIANT 9" furry dick and take a LONG PISS in the garden. This friendly thick furry jock tells us so many personal details and stories about his life on the Islands. He reveals that he learned he had a BIG DICK when he was just a young lad in grade school. He really enjoys showing off his beautiful LONG DONG and totally Sexy Hairy Man Fur! Check out his round, white muscle butt completely covered in a full bush of dark hair! Hairy Harvey is one of the Hairiest Island Studs ever! It is very hot to watch this jock walk around the gardens and pool area in the Hot Hawaiian Sun with his big fat HARD dick bouncing around his hairy thighs and crotch. This horny Skater Boy is rock hard for most of the film. I put Hairy Harvey to work fully naked trimming Palm Trees in the Garden wearing only his Hawaiian flip flops. Watch as Horny Harvey climbs up a tall ladder to trim large Palm branches with his hard cock dangling in the sun! His big ball sack hangs below his furry ass cheeks as he works, unaware the camera is watching him. After his naked work Harvey takes another long piss. Piss Lover Alert: Harvey is a real Island Stud PEE MACHINE! He is the first Island Stud model to happily pee 5 different times in 5 different locations outdoors in one film. You will not want to miss Harvey and his 5 long piss scenes here! Finally this horny, hairy boy sits down in the garden and begins to stroke his AMAZING 9" cock! Watch as Harvey plays with his cock and balls as he jerks his LONG DONG! He even stands up, puts his hairy foot on the bench and bends over jerking his massive cock and balls between his hairy butt crack. What a great sight! Listen to Hairy Harvey moan as cum shoots out of his throbbing cock. He coats the cement deck between his feet with a huge load of cum. But wait! As Harvey sits in his own sweat holding his juicy cock, MORE boy juice continues to ooze from his swollen dick head. His cock continues to drip thick streams of cum as he talks about his huge load! He gets up and walks to the shower dripping cum along the way. EVEN in the outdoor shower, cum continues to ooze from this hard MONSTER 9" COCK! This California Skater is one of the Hairiest, Piss and Cum filled guys we have ever filmed on the Islands. Hairy Harvey is a great cummer! Enjoy with special film for Island Studs today!

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