Island Studs

Runtime: 32 Minutes. Kim is a very sweet & sexy straight Hawaiian skater boy, with a full BUSH of dick hair, BIG BROWN BALL SACK and a VERY FAT Hawaiian cock. Check out his tight smooth boy bubble butt. This little young twink rides his skateboard to work AND the beach everyday! Just 21 years old, 5'3" and 125 pounds, Kim is REALLY a HOT LITTLE HAWAIIAN TWINK! Check out his narrow boy waist, great pecs, smooth washboard skater belly and that round hairless boy BUTT! Kim is simply yummy! A REAL Hawaiian hapa: Kim is Part Hawaiian / Korean / Chinese / Filipino / and Cajun! Check out the rock hard thick dick on this tiny brown boy. When he strips out of his clothes we see that like Kaimana, Marcel and Kona, Kim's smooth skin is a rich Hawaiian honey brown color - all over! "I love being naked in the sun, that's why I live here!" he states with friendly Hawaiian confidence. This is one happy Island boy! Kim just returned from four years at sea in the navy. Image this small smiley brown boy in his WHITE NAVY uniform! Sexy! He clearly enjoys standing naked with his BIG SKATEBOARD showing off his board and beautiful local boy body for us to see. Watch as this cute naked worker bends over and pulls some weeds in the garden. We get to see his tight muscle boy body from all angles! Kim's brown thick cock and BIG BROWN BALLS bounce as he walks around the garden wearing only flip flops. Like Kanoa, Kahu & Kalei, this native boy admits that he likes to wear only flip flops and even skateboards barefoot! Watch as Kim takes a long piss in the garden! His solid stream of pee splashes all over the rocks below his smooth naked thighs! This sexy Hawaiian enjoys watching his cock grow rock hard as he jerks off on a bench outside! Kim's cock is impressively large and he loves giving it and his big smooth brown ball sack lots of attention. He uses both hands to rub his cock, balls and chest. Kim's long jerk off session ends with thick gobs of cum oozing out of his dick all over his hands and dripping on to his big balls and then on to the floor below. That's one big creamy load! Kim is one young skater boy who's radiant smile we look forward seeing again on Island Studs... naked on his big skateboard! Enjoy!

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